From Intake to Outcomes, CareMetx is dedicated to supporting the patient journey by providing hub services, innovative technology and decision-making data to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device innovators.

New Product Launching?

CareMetx can assist and consult in defining the program design for your specialty product or medical device. Hub services, technology, and business intelligence for a successful launch. Take a tour of our Patient Services.

Transitioning to a New Hub?

Need to move your hub to a new vendor? CareMetx has transitioned product programs from every major hub services provider, transitioning hundreds of thousands of records without disruption. Learn how CareMetx Connect supports your program.

Building an Internal Hub?

CareMetx’ technology provides a comprehensive platform for all your hub needs, delivering operational efficiencies for faster access and reporting tools that deliver business intelligence in real-time. CareMetx Innovation supports your products.

“Taking care of the Patient. That’s our priority. For every department, with every technology we launch, on every phone call we take or make. Our clients trust that we will act with compassion, efficiency and transparency because the patient is why we are here.”

Robert Dresing, Chairman, CareMetx