About Us

About Us

At CareMetx, we are proud of our longstanding history in the patient advocacy space. From the very beginning, our focus has been deeply rooted in one common theme- that patients are the priority.

The roots of CareMetx trace back to the 1984 founding of the Cystic Fibrosis foundation, an organization that at the time sponsored research, championed therapy manufacturers, and advocated for patients. Over the years, the foundation grew into what became the nation’s first disease-specific specialty pharmacy, led by Bob Dresing- the leader who went on to co-found CareMetx alongside today’s CEO, Mark Hansan. Our CareMetx values have always been championed by a team of leaders like Bob and Mark- dedicated individuals who have successfully advocated for patients and manufacturers for over 30 years.

This history is one that continues to inspire the work we do. Our clients trust us because we fully grasp the enormous responsibility we assume on their behalf when delivering our services to meet all stakeholder needs. That’s why CareMetx now supports a multibillion dollar portfolio of products. We have helped manufacturers launch their very first product to market. We’ve helped clients transition single products or multiple franchises from underperforming vendors. We’ve helped customers deploy FDA-mandated Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy programs. And above all, we’ve helped 2,673,387 patients get access to their medication faster. This longstanding history of patient support and stakeholder success speaks to why today’s clients trust us to continually innovate to find faster, smarter, better ways to serve their patients- and by doing so, to serve them.

Executive Team

Mark Hansan

Co-Founder and Excutive Chairman

Beth Dresing

Chief People Officer

Shabbir Ahmed

Chief Commercial Officer

Greg Morris

Chief Strategy Officer

George Moore

Chief Technology and Information Officer

Jennifer Mallon

General Council and Chief Compliance Officer

Eli Wahesh

Chief Operating Officer

Tom Welsh

Chief Financial Officer

Matt Hall

Patient Solutions

Jessica Lens

Chief Patient Experience Officer

Nasir Ali

Chief Product Officer

The Core Values That Drive Our Company


We will pursue honest and ethical paths for every action and interaction.


We will act with genuine kindness and concern for patients and their caregivers and with respect for clients and fellow employees.


We will pursue the highest achievements and always seek improvement.


We will provide structure, organization, and efficiency in our work to meet the expectations of our clients and the needs of patients.

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*CareMetx Impact Data report, April 2020 - March 2021