Case-managed reimbursement services using a guided workflow for operational efficiency.

Compressing the timeline to access is always our goal. Reimbursement Case Managers who understand the reimbursement landscape of your product coupled with the guided workflow of the CareMetx Connect system make for an efficient and effective combination to accelerate start of therapy for patients. The system maps the workflow and collects information at every milepost, and in between.

While a “happy path” to therapy is the fastest route, denials, prior authorization requirements, and the need for alternate funding are detours with data points that are collected and case-managed with the same sense of expertise and urgency. At no point in this process, are providers left out. With access to a Provider Portal, they can track the journey, be notified of additional requirements and have access to the case manager. Concurrently, pharma manufacturer teams have patient de-identified access to activities of the hub in the manufacturer dashboard.

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