Since completing a self-designed Independent Scholar program for her Master of Fine Arts degree, Beth has paved a unique and ambitious career path. From 1991 to 1996, Beth wrote and produced healthcare training videos, first for CineCraft Health & Safety Systems in Cleveland, Ohio and then as a freelancer in Chicago. A move to the Washington, DC area in 1996 allowed her to expand her marketing skills. As Direct Marketing Manager, she managed direct mail campaigns for health charities and other nonprofit organizations for a division of TheraCom.

Continuing with TheraCom, Beth made another career pivot to the pharmaceutical/biotech industry and served as its Director of Marketing. Beth developed marketing initiatives to support rare diseases, complex medical conditions and the innovative products that treat them. Beth stayed with TheraCom through two mergers and parted ways at the end of 2005. On day two of 2006, Beth joined Bethesda Partners and began consulting for healthcare and pharmaceutical start-up companies. With Bethesda Partners, she assisted in the launch of several healthcare products, technologies and companies until the formation of CareMetx, LLC in 2011.

With CareMetx, she has again expanded her role to include Corporate Culture, which has oversight for Recruitment, Training and Employee Engagement, as well as a continuing role overseeing Marketing and Communications for the organization. Beth has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Lake Forest College and a Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts Administration from Ohio University.

Beth is a member of the Board of Trustees for Kidsave International, and has served as its chair since October 2017; volunteer coordinator for the Kidsave Summer Miracles Program of DC, and a former board member of the Montgomery Multiple Sclerosis Center.