“I tell people I work at a hub. ‘What’s a hub?’ They ask. I tell them it’s a place where I get to help people who really need it..”

–Reimbursement Case Manager, CareMetx

Why CareMetx?

We work hard, we believe in what we do and we want to be a company that does right by our employees. Our niche industry has fast become an integral player in getting specialty products and devices to the patients who need them by managing the reimbursement for those products, identifying alternative funding when insurers don’t pay and providing clinical services. As the moniker implies, “hubs” are at the center of all activity and the central repository of information (data) related to the patient and the prescribed therapy. The hub maintains communication with physicians, specialty pharmacies, payers and others to assure patients get their medications in a timely fashion and continues to track progress while they are taking the medication. All of these activities are managed on one proprietary technology.

Want to Make a Difference?

As an employee at CareMetx, you might work as a Reimbursement Case Manager or a Reimbursement Specialist. These communication-intensive roles are for people who are customer service-oriented with excellent time management, organizational and critical thinking skills. These roles require strong advocacy efforts to assure patients get the medications they need when they need it. But more importantly, the work you do makes a difference in the lives of the people who need these life-changing therapies… the patients at the other end of your efforts are faced with complex health challenges every day. You will be making their lives a little less burdensome.

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Want to Build Innovative Technology?

If you are a Software Developer, Systems Analyst or Quality Tester your skills may match the needs of the CareMetx IT team. CareMetx builds technology to support its hub services and to solve problems unique to the industry, and sometimes unique to individual clients. Aside from its core technology platform, CareMetx creates portals, dashboards, and mobile apps to support the activities of specialty pharmaceutical access. This healthcare niche has expanding needs in technology. CareMetx is seeking hard-working, innovative thinkers for positions in information technology.

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Want to be Part of Our Clinical Support Team?

If you are a nurse or pharmacist, you could play an important role in the culture of our company. Our clinical team serves as an extension of the manufacturer, a link to patients and their caregivers and a resource to the healthcare providers who engage our services. Your clinical experience, demonstrated reliability, trustworthiness, accountability and consistent professionalism sets the tone for our entire patient-facing team. CareMetx is seeking experienced professionals who want to be a part of a low-turnover environment with thorough training and open communication.

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Want to be Part of Something Special?

Every company needs people who help to keep the business running. We’re no different. If you are seeking a career in healthcare, but your skills are in accounting, human resources, marketing, quality and general administration, you will find those career opportunities here. You can build a meaningful and important career in this field and know you are making a difference.

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