Welcome to Our Platform Update!

Welcome to our platform update! To increase the speed to access therapy to your patients, CareMetx has been diligently working on developing and introducing the Hub technology services you need to keep pace with the ever-changing specialty pharmacy landscape. In 2020, our product and technology teams led ambitious and important initiatives to upgrade all components of our platform.

In these updates, we plan to keep you informed of all the product features that are available to you and the features that are coming soon. That way you can fully leverage the platform and be ready to quickly utilize product enhancements. Most of these enhancements are deployed for you, automatically, and at NO COST!

Now Available!

Platform Enhancements

You will experience improved call center efficiencies and more robust analytics with these upgrades. 

  • Support center representatives are shown caller and case information through screen pops when they accept inbound calls. Representatives are prompted if a service request is already in progress.
  • Support center representatives have access to a click-to-dial feature allowing them to quickly make outbound calls with a single click. The system is smart enough to link the call metrics into the patient record.  
  • Program managers now have greater visibility into call center activity to make data-driven decisions. With call center data now integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) data you’ll be able to dive deeper into call center activity.
  • Improved facilitation of call audits and scoring with Virtual Observer Quality Management Suite integration for Five9 and Connect.

HCP Portal 2.0 Enhancements

A suite of efficiency boosting features come with the integration of HCP Portal 2.0 and eServices including Rx and Med eBV, Rx and Med ePA, and Enrollment. HCP Portal is customizable and configurable, offering providers best-practice workflows for benefit verification and prior authorization. In addition providers are able to:

  • Engage with a support center representative right from the portal with a touch of a button using Click2Chat. The chat feature allows for quick conversations.  (Figure 1)
  • Receive REAL-TIME benefit information from the portal via our proprietary eBV transactions.  

eServices and Other Enhancements

Reverification season just got more efficient. CareMetx has high-throughput batch processing which automates more than 40% of the reverification transaction in real-time. CareMetx off-ramp batch-processed transactions which fail to auto-adjudicate, can now be tracked and completed by our white-glove support center, and still convey results in real-time through APIs, portals, or web services.

CareMetx automates more than 40% of the reverification transaction in real-time.

Coming Soon

Our product team is working diligently to look for ways to reduce the time it takes for a patient to access specialty pharmaceuticals and treatments.  Here’s a preview of a few of the upgrades that will help streamline the process and ultimately save you money.  In many cases, these features will be made available to you at no extra cost in the upcoming months.

  • Improved reporting and messaging capabilities with a redesigned user interface. With the new self-service Tableau workstation, you can view, slice, dice and create an intuitive visualization of your data.  
  • A new card capture capability that will allow providers and patients to submit benefit verification requests by only uploading a picture or scan of the patient’s insurance card. 
  • Simplified integration of eBV and ePA services.
  • e-Prescribing (eRx) for complex therapies with the capability to delegate scriptwriting to staff members within the same practice. 
  • Contact center scripting that automatically prompts agents with SOP-specific talking points for each call type.
  • Embedded automated enrollment and consent forms that generate SOP-compliant processes for onboarding patients to your Hub services.
  • Gain more visibility to patient and physician transactions, annotate your interactions with physicians, store those notes, and set follow-up dates with the Pharma Field Portal.

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What to Expect in 2021

  • Connect 2.0: Driving speed to therapy through new automation rules and process flow.
  • New Preferred Partner Network: Bringing curated technologies to you from advanced AI-based patient journey mapping to voice-enabled intelligent bots.
  • New channel partners that enable enrollment processing including all reimbursement and PAP services within the practice workflow.

As you can see, improving your experience has been top of mind for us here at CareMetx.  Our proprietary technology automates the most common, labor-intensive parts of the patient services process, leaving time for our patient support advocates to engage in more meaningful interactions with patients and providers. We are excited to bring you platform capabilities that enable patients to access the treatment they need faster and more efficiently.

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