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CareMetx Digital Hub Is the Industry’s Most Radically Efficient Hub Platform to Accelerate Patient Access

CareMetx Digital Hub is a comprehensive platform for addressing the complexities of specialty reimbursement. CareMetx Digital Hub technology provides efficiencies to reduce costs and help patients access the treatment they need as quickly and easily as possible.

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5 Attributes That Make The CareMetx Digital Hub Radically Efficient

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Connection to Payers and Providers

CareMetx Digital Hub links partner networks across one integrated patient access platform:​
  • Powerful API connectivity unifies process across third-party apps
  • Modular technology embeds directly into partner workflows
  • Self-service provider portals
  • Simple navigation with single sign-on and log-in support

Automated Transactional Service Requests

Two sophisticated core components are central to the CareMetx Digital Hub:

1. Enterprise-class API Gateway driving unparalleled connectivity
2. Decisions Rule Engine to intelligently govern service request flow outside of the CRM

Leveraging proprietary data and logic in real time, the CareMetx Digital Hub calibrates an array of automation technologies for eBV, ePA, eConsent, Copay, PAP, and dispensing across both medical and pharmacy benefits to autoadjudicate and autocomplete each transaction in the enrollment process.

Helping to Keep Cost Under Control

The CareMetx Digital Hub drives down the cost of service, while improving quality, with an error rate of less than 1%. Enhanced, cost-effective productivity and scalability are central to the CareMetx Digital Hub value proposition.

Case Managers Can Focus on High-Touch/High-Value Services

With the CareMetx Digital Hub automation all but eliminating paper-based enrollment functions and manual data entry, our patient access staff can focus on what humans do best—using ingenuity and determination to overcome particular patient access challenges.

Provides Information Transparency for Confident Decision-Making

The CareMetx Digital Hub gives you real-time insight into an unparalleled spectrum of decision-making analytics, so you can assess, adjust, and plan with confidence.

  • Data integration hosted with Amazon Redshift
  • Robust dashboards that can be used to understand program performance,
    patient journeys, and calibration of automation

The platform does most of the work in the background, freeing up my time to help people struggling with difficulties get the treatment they need sooner.
When I can solve those challenges for them, it feels great. I feel of real service.

CareMetx Patient Services Representative

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*CareMetx Impact Data report, April 2020 - March 2021