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Providers struggle to overcome patient access to specialty therapies:

  • 86% of healthcare providers say administrative burdens for their office are high or extremely high¹.  
  • Each year, one in four patients experience a prior-authorization related delay in receiving treatment². 

That doesn’t have to be the case for patients on your therapy.

With end-to-end patient access solutions, providers prescribing your therapy will be empowered with CareMetx’s digital-first, self-service technology. 

Our technology is complemented by core hub services, such as high-touch support from case managers who are equipped with tools, knowledge and experience to radically speed patient access to therapy. 

  • By bringing together these highly skilled teams and real-time data, CareMetx has successfully facilitated a 33% improvement in time to therapy for our clients³
  • These solutions offer efficient scalability, driven by a reduction in manual, error-prone workflows.

Our Access e-service solutions can be unpacked from the centralized hub to be moved directly into the native user interfaces providers prefer to use.

When prescribing your therapies, our provider network can provision traditional hub services from within the everyday systems they are already comfortable using. That means they can complete all necessary onboarding and enrollment tasks via electronic tools embedded directly into their native workflows, leaving more time for patient care.

Put simply, our flexible solution offerings improve the treatment access experience for both providers and patients by removing stakeholder obstacles that may otherwise disrupt the therapy access journey.

Access Enablers

HCP and Field Portals

Non Dispensing Pharmacy

Benefit Verification
(Medical and Pharmacy)

Prior Authorization
(Medical and Pharmacy)

(Medical and Pharmacy)

(Medical and Pharmacy)


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³Tableau reporting – provided upon request

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