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When it comes to specialty illness treatment, having patients stay adherent to their therapy is not as simple as it may be for other, less complicated care.

When it comes to specialty illness treatment, having patients stay adherent to their therapy is not as simple as it may be for other, less complicated care.  

It may mean a patient needing to travel many miles to receive treatment at an ambulatory infusion center. Or having to navigate complex benefit verifications and prior authorizations to prevent thousands of dollars in personal cost responsibility.  Or having to manage comorbidity and polypharmacy concerns.

At CareMetx, we understand achieving adherence for a patient means much more than picking up a bottle of pills from a local pharmacy and remembering to take them every day. 

That’s why CareMetx provides solutions that optimize the experience for every key role in supporting the patient on their care journey: the patient, caregiver, healthcare professional, call center representative, field representative, reimbursement specialist, and fulfillment specialist.   

Our adherence solutions deliver personalized, omni-channel engagement touchpoints and coordinated support across each member of the care team and the patient.  

With the ability to integrate with different parties and allowing stakeholders in various patient service roles, like caregivers or field representatives, use the point solution systems within our platform ecosystem to guide and track workflows and interactions, patient touchpoints can be better coordinated with this 360° view of the patient’s experience on treatment. 

Through predictive analytics, next-best actions can be determined based on the personalized patient and therapeutic needs, allowing us to deploy high-touch human interaction in a smart and efficient way.  

This leads to a streamlined, personalized, and high-value experience which patients want and need to stay engaged in their journey to better health. 

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