Helping Patients Navigate Affordability Challenges

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It is common for affordability barriers to present obstacles for patients trying to get started on therapies. This is often a key decision driver on whether the patient makes a decision to start on a therapy.

This is why we believe that the integration of processes to achieve patient affordability is a key component of the overall patient journey. With CareMetx’s expertise in helping both providers and patients navigate these areas, we will remove this critical barrier to care. 

That means your patients are much less likely to hit stumbling blocks.  

  • Integrate your Medicare eBV and Low Income Subsidy transactions with Patient Assistance Programs processing, in order to determine whether patient is already enrolled into an Low Income Subsidy tier. This capability allows you to identify alternative sources of funding which a patient may qualify for before enrolling the patient to Patient Assistance Programs. 
  • Streamline your Copay and Patient Assistance Programs enrollment, qualification and triage processes  
  • Reduce dependencies on financial documentation through our income validation partnership with a leading national financial clearinghouse.  

Affordability Enablers

Copay workflows and patient enrollment

Patient Assistance Programs assessment


Patient Assistance Programs
(Free Drug Dispensing)

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