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Through innovation, key partnerships and thoughtful acquisitions, CareMetx continues to disrupt the status quo for Hub services.

Over time, we are moving closer to providers and patients as we incrementally become the standard process by which all providers access specialty therapies.

We believe the traditional, centralized hub, with reactive manual processes, is no longer the optimal choice for your patients. Instead, CareMetx offers solutions that move your brand’s services directly into provider workflows, and engage patients at the moment of therapy initiation.

These solutions are more efficient, more scalable and more aligned with providers’ desires for a streamlined workflow experience. Most importantly, this model ensures patients get started on their therapies sooner, and remain engaged with treatment. 

Therapy Warranty

Patient Access to Costly and Curative Therapies (PACCT)

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Case Study

Case Study: Fully Integrated CareMetx Program Improves Initiation and Days on Therapy

A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer partnered with CareMetx to improve initiation rates and time on therapy for a self-injected neurology/immunology biologic. As skilled patient journey
Case Study

Case Study: CareMetx Omnichannel Program Drives Initiation and Persistence for a Self-Injectable Rheumatology Biologic

Self-injectable drugs help patients manage chronic conditions from the convenience ofhome, yet they’re more complicated to administer than oral drugs, creating barriers forpatients to
Case Study

Case Study: CareMetx Boosts Adherence and Persistence for Oral Oncology Therapy by Addressing Patient Journey Barriers

This leading pharmaceutical manufacturer contracted with CareMetx for an integrated patient support program to boost adherence and persistence for an oral oncology medication. CareMetx