Why Us?

We are proud of our history. It is the foundation of our culture and provides a beacon for our employees, our clients and our investors. We know that we can’t rest on our past achievements, and as entrepreneurs, we never do.

Mark Hansan, President & CEO

We have
always made patients our priority


Our clients trust us because our roots are as experienced patient advocates—There is one common theme over our careers– We have always made patients our priority.

Our clients trust us because we know the enormity of responsibility we assume on their behalf. CareMetx supports a multi-billion dollar portfolio of products. Manufacturers launching their very first product on the market to transitions of single products or multiple franchises from under-performing vendors and even FDA-mandated REMS programs.

Our clients trust us to continually innovate, to find faster, smarter, better ways to serve patients.

Our clients trust us because we never stop working on their behalf.

Our clients trust us because we are committed to hiring and training the best team while operating with integrity and compassion.

About Us

We are a bit old school.

Integrity matters to us. Our handshake is as strong a bond as a contract. If we take you on as a client, you can count on us to never stop working on your behalf. And just to prove it, we will let you pick the clients you want to talk with as a reference. Hear from them about how we don’t rest on past accomplishments and will never stop finding ways to be a better, more efficient and effective partner.

Our personal and professional histories have built our corporate culture. We are a team that has been impacted personally by rare diseases. We just weren’t going to sit idly by. Instead we worked at the forefront of making a difference for people battling rare diseases including leading the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation for more than a decade, starting the nation’s first disease-specific specialty pharmacy, advocating for the creation of patient assistance programs, fighting to protect the orphan drug act, making early stage investments in new drug discoveries and founding TheraCom in the 1990s and CareMetx in 2011.

It matters with whom you surround yourself. We are fortunate to have worked with some of the most amazing people in the industry and to have them join us again at CareMetx. This is a team that has supported dozens and dozens of the most difficult and challenging therapies. Their passion to do right by the patient is unparalleled– because we know behind every call there is a parent, a spouse or a patient reaching out to us to get help. We have to be the best at what we do. And it is why we just don’t hire anyone. We hire those that share our commitment.

We do right—for our team, our clients and the community. We are proud to have always been a family-friendly, equal rights, equal pay employer. While some of our competitors will only hire people as contractors we are proud to bring on new team members on day 1 and offer health and other benefits.

CareMetx values are driven from a leadership team that has advocated for patients and manufacturers for over 30 years.